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A group of young Sindhi adults interested in exploring

and re-discovering our cultural heritage;

connecting with and building our community,

and learning from and sharing with one another.    

Our ancestors are from Sindh, a prominent region in pre-Partition India that was incorporated in the newly created Pakistan in 1947. The birth of Pakistan led to the migration of many Hindu Sindhis over the country’s borders and the ultimate dispersion of our community worldwide. The overwhelming majority of Hindu Sindhi families left all their possessions behind and had to re-build their lives elsewhere. Through strong work ethic and business acumen, most Sindhi families have established themselves on firm financial footing and successfully integrated into their new environments. However, it has come at a very high price – primarily due to the circumstances surrounding partition, Sindhis of today’s generation faced an ever-widening gap in their knowledge of our cultural heritage and in their practice of our Sindhi language, customs and traditions, as well as a lack of connection with each other.

Our frustration at the lack of resources available to our community, and more specifically, for our generation, led to the founding of YSA in 2001 with a discussion forum on Yahoo Groups with 50 participants. To date, it has grown to over 1600 members worldwide. In 2007, we launched our Facebook group, which has since grown to over 1750 members worldwide. In 2009, we launched professional networking groups on Linked In, and membership in those groups is growing rapidly.

YSA started out as our search, our effort to understand our ancestors’ immense contribution to world civilization and appreciate the cultural legacy we’ve inherited. Moving forward, YSA is also about our initiative to make this a smoother journey for those who come behind us. 

More a movement than an organization - YSA membership is always free!

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