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Sweatin’ poolside! 

Strength & conditioning class covering various aspects of exercise including stretching, basic strengthening for both upper and lower body, plyometrics and cardiovascular training all within a concise time frame with focus on safe and efficient exercising. Presented by Boston based Physical Therapist Vijay Daryanani, who received his Master's degree in Physical Therapy in 1999, and earned ACE personal training certification in 2000.

Let Your Body Do the Talking

Friday and Saturday may have pushed you to think and do more than you had anticipated, so why stop now?  To prevent anyone from slowing down, we have found the perfect solution …a morning workout to invigorate your  mind and body. Join the Toronto Host Committee for a workout session sure to energize your soul, and prepare you for the boundless joy that lies ahead. Prakash Babani is a Kinesiology student at Hamilton’s McMaster University and also a certified personal trainer! 

Bust Your Gut!

Learn how to bust the ‘Sindhi Gut’ courtesy of our very own fitness guru, Vijay Daryanani, as he shares simple and effective exercises that keep your midsection from becoming your worst adversary. A Certified Physical Therapist by profession, Daryanani is an accredited Certified Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise as well as a trainer to the stars at ESPN’s annual X-Games!

It’s A Matter Of The Sindhi Heart

Let's explore the prevalence of heart disease among South Asians, particularly our Sindhi community. We possess lifestyle factors and genetic inheritance that makes us highly prone to major risks. While South Asians in general are predisposed to heart disease, specific Sindhi lifestyle tendencies exacerbate the effect. Learn how to beat the epidemic with advice regarding nutrition, fitness and early prevention -  Bharti Daswani, a practicing physician assistant in cardiac surgery at Stanford University Medical Center. In addition to assisting cardiac surgeons in the operating room in surgeries such as coronary artery bypass surgery, she also provides education and awareness for surgical patients both pre-operatively and post-operatively.

Staying Cool In Crazy Situations – The Common Sense Approach

"Is there a Doctor in the house?" "No, but I am here and I can help!" More often than we would like, we find ourselves in medical emergency situations. Whether it is dealing with fractures and sprains, heart attacks, allergic reactions, dog bites, seizures, burns and cuts, etc, people often panic when they are surrounded with a medical dilemma. How do we handle such situations? What is the medically appropriate, easy, common sense approach?  And more importantly how can we look really cool in these scenarios? Dr. Kusum Punjabi, ER physician-in-training with an MBA and certified clinical instructor for CPR courses in NJ/NY/Philadelphia area, shares some valuable life saving tactics by presenting basic life-saving measures in an interactive, fun discussion with cool videos and great music that you do not want to miss!!!

An Introduction To Pranic Healing And Twin Hearts Meditation

Pranic healing is an energy healing technique based on the structure of the human body. Our body is composed of two parts: the visible physical body, and the invisible energy body called the bioplasmic body or aura. The visible physical body is that part of the human body that we see, touch, and are most acquainted with, while our aura is that invisible luminous energy body. Pranic healing consists of sending Prana (the “universal life force”) from the practitioner’s body to the affected parts of another person’s body. The force stimulates cells and tissues, restores normal activity, and allows waste material to leave the system through the use of passes and the laying on of hands (This is a ‘no touch’ therapy). Prana is a vital physical force, that exists universally, which underlies all physical actions of the body, causes the circulation of the blood, movement of cells, and all motions which life of the body depends. Currently based in Pune, India, Renu Sakhrani is a long time YSA member, part of our Retreat II Host Committee in Vancouver, a devoted daughter and wife and energetic mother of three, as well as a certified Pranic healer.

Healthy Today, Healthy Tomorrow – An Examination Of Alternative Medicine

From the politics of Health Reform to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and everything in between, health and well being is at the forefront of our collective conscience these days. Like everything else, the medical field offers us its own set of options, and in this session, we will explore two increasingly popular alternatives - Homeopathic and Ayruvedic medicine. Our panel will feature Dr. Ron Harris, a Homeopathic Doctor, Dr. Ram Tamang, an Ayurvedic doctor and Bharti Khatri, a Clinical Ayurveda Specialist.

Get Fit - Sindhi Style!

What happens when the hottest dance workout meets the hottest people – Sindhis? That’s right, you Get Fit, Sindhi Style!! Join us as we put our own unique twist on bumping, grinding, singing and dancing our way to fitness with our very own Sindhi fitness instructors, Amy & Shaina Kotwani, and Sindhi music!

Comfortable clothes and fitness shoes with minimal tread that allow for lateral movement are recommended for this workout.

Sound Mind, Healthy Body!

Are you interested in core strengthening, resistance building, hip opening, power and restorative yoga? Of course!! Aren’t we all? Manisha Sajnani will progress from warm up to core and muscle building Vinyasa flows, address all vital muscle groups, pump up your heart rates, end with a cool down stretch and Pranayam breathing. All in less than 30 minutes! As a group class, the work out will cater to all levels of Yoga experience - follow your body, listen to its queues and only go as far as it allows you to. 

A practitioner of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha yoga and meditation, Manisha Sajnani trained under a renowned yoga guru from the Iyengar Yoga school in India. Comfortable clothes and yoga mat (optional) are recommended for this workout; Water and towels provided.

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