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Turn up the heat!

Learn how to prepare a favorite Sindhi breakfast item - Lolis, sometimes also called kokis. Traditional versions of this recipe will be demonstrated, along with a couple of variations adapted for today’s lifestyle. Presented by the Sindhi Spice Girls!

Turn up the heat again!

Patataa, tamataa, gajareh, bhindioun, boondi ein aachaar khareen achejein... our Sindhi Spice Girls will be preparing another favorite - Sindhi Curry!

The Heat Is On! 

Ever woken up craving a quintessential Sindhi breakfast only to end up with cereal because you didn’t know how to make it? Fear not! We’ll show you how to make Mithi Sayioon & Masala Patata! It’s time for lunch and you’re wishing Mom were around to make some Sayal Mani. YSA comes to your rescue again! See how simple and easy this really is and discover its versatility. You will master this in minutes!

Sweet Sensations

It's time to heat up your culinary repertoire.  Join us for this session which offers enlightenment as you discover the tradition of Karaoun Parsad preparation.  With the new Sindhi GurMandir as their divine backdrop, Lata Wadhwani and Dirk DeSouza will show you how exciting, easy and affordable this melt-in-your-mouth food of the Gods is to prepare.  Whether it is content, colour or consistency you wonder about Lata and Dirk will unlock the secret of this centuries old tradition.  So light the diyas, get your thaali ready and the moortis all set up.  After you're through with this session you'll be ready to achieve inner peace, spiritual growth and tantalize your taste buds! Lata and Dirk, born in Toronto and Nairobi respectively, through years of observation and practice, have mastered the art of Karo Parsad preparation. Both are members of the YSA Retreat IV Toronto Host Committee.

Sindhi Chefs – Sindhi Khado!

If there is ONE thing all Sindhis can relate to, it's khado! Get ready to learn a few traditionally Sindhi dishes updated for today's hectic schedules - we'll show you how a handful of easy, quick, and healthy base recipes can be adapted to create an entire Sindhi meal pha-ta-phat!! And, borrowing a trick from the Iron Chefs, we'll unveil a secret ingredient.... What is it? Here's a clue - it's very Sindhi, amazingly versatile and super good for you! But wait - there's more! You'll get a chance to do all of this first hand - this is not a boring cooking demonstration, no, you'll get a chance to show off your skills in our very own kitchen stadium.

Sindhi Chefs – Sindhi Khado!!!

Between work and play, we lead an increasingly busy life. But should our lifestyle prevent us from enjoying the Sindhi foods we grew up eating? Not at all!  Anita Daryanani, a pharmacist by profession, leads a ‘Kitchen Stadium’ style interactive cooking demonstration featuring a variety of Sindhi bhajis – quick, easy, and healthy! Each dish will feature two quintessentially traditional Sindhi ingredients that are great for you – we’ll reveal these ingredients and discuss their health benefits as well as show you how to make a great tasting, super healthy bhajis!

Sindhi Chefs – Sindhi Khado!!!

We all love churi – our traditional offering at Satyanarayan Katha. Well, did you know how easy it is to make? Four ingredients, 20 minutes, done! Jaideep Mulchandani leads us back into our version of Kitchen Stadium and shows us how to make churi, right before we start our Satyanarayan Katha.

Retreat X Best Chefs!!

What would happen if we combined the shows ‘America’s Next Great Restaurant’ and ‘Worst Cook in America’? Retreat X Best Chefs!!! We will learn to make a Sindhi classic - Sao Masalo, the base for great food like Sayaal Mani and Sayaal Machi. Quick, easy and versatile, this is a delicious, healthy & nutritious base and can be used with a variety of ingredients ranging from vegetables to meat & fish. Retreat X Best Chefs will be an intense, competitive, exciting competition between four teams of 3 to 4 cooks. Each team will learn to make the masala and then prepare an individual dish. You’ll be able to sample each team’s dish and help the judges select the winners. Who will be Retreat X Best Chefs?!!

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