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• YSA is more a movement than an organization – it is for us, by us in its very being - YSA is young Sindhi adults taking the initiative to connect, learn and share with each other. Being administered by a group of like-minded volunteers without a formal hierarchy allows YSA to operate without the organizational politics that plague other organizations. 

• Similar to most communities – there are good and bad things about our Sindhi community, our heritage and our traditions. YSA is not afraid to embrace the good, and YSA is even less afraid to challenge the bad because both are critical to our survival. We take pride in our history, our language, and our cultural heritage; along with the contributions and the impact our ancestors have made on our present day lives.

• We recognize that Partition, the ensuing violence, and the subsequent migration our parents and grandparents went through as critical and tragic components of our history and we strive to make sure that henceforth, every of young Sindhi adult is aware of and understands the profound impact this tragedy on our community. By the same token, we refuse to take this as our only history and insist, rightfully so, that our forefathers’ impact on the world came way before these events. In an effort to discover and share this history, we turn to the world of academia, seeking the tutelage of those who have studied our forefathers and their lives. A lot of individuals, particularly in academia, have made the time and invested their energies in these efforts and we owe a great debt to them. Among them:

  1. Dr. Gul Agha, Prominent Sindhi Historian - University of Illinois

  2. Dr. Jennifer Cole, Professor of Linguistics - University of Illinois

  3. Dr. Derryl MacLean, Professor of History - Simon Fraser University

  4. Dr. Jonathan Geen, Professor of Religious Studies - McMaster University

  5. Dr. Scott Levi, Professor of History - University of Louisville

  6. Dr. Steven Ramey, Professor of Religious Studies - University of Alabama

  7. Dr. J. Mark Kenoyer, Professor of Anthropology - University of Wisconsin

• Though our membership is worldwide, the bulk of our members are in North America. So, we cater to them by hosting our annual Retreat in North America. Over the past 10 years, the number of Retreat participants has grown. But beyond the growth of the number of people joining YSA and attending the Retreat, something else has grown – their pride in their heritage, their comfort in speaking with each other in Sindhi, and their yearning to be with each other, and together, our overall sense of community.

As YSA has grown, we’ve seen the young Sindhi adults in North America change - more than anything else, YSA has helped them re-discover being Sindhi, belonging to a Sindhi community and being proud of being Sindhi.

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